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Tailgate Express began in 2012 when John English, a senior in college, noticed a need for a tailgating service at Texas Tech football games. With thousands of fans outside the stadium in an unorganized and chaotic environment, the hassle of getting supplies in and out was a real problem. John knew a tailgate delivery service was the solution. The next day he printed off 500 business cards and began passing them out to fans every Saturday.

Fast forward 9 years, Tailgate Express is now a full service event company specializing in tailgating, fan engagement, and entertainment to Universities across the state of Texas. The goal of our business is to serve others well by customizing fan engagement opportunities for Universities across the nation.

Tailgate Express Values & Mission

Our core values of family, friends, and fellowship establish the basis for our goals and overall mission. Tailgate Express strives to bring family and friends together to experience unforgettable events unique in design and festive in participation. Tailgate Express is a unique business model inside and out. Our service brings reward to the people you care about the most, with memories and unforgettable experiences.

Most importantly, TGE exists to serve others. If you look up the definition of “service” you will find: the action of helping or doing work for someone. To establish a company based upon service requires the willingness and ability to help someone else. This is a virtue instilled within every Tailgate Express employee. Through teamwork and hard work, the goal of our business is to serve others well.

Business Model

Tailgate Express is seen by many as a one of a kind business. There are many companies who rent out the same type of products we offer. However, we strive to create a turn key, all-inclusive, extravagant event. Regardless, if that is through tailgating, corporate parties, hunting & fishing excursions, grand openings, or watch parties TGE provides a service that eliminates all hassle from your event. What makes us unique is that not only do we provide the necessary equipment for your event or function, but we also handle all labor including setup and takedown. We find it crucial to service and maintain our clientele above and beyond expectations.

We take great pride in our work ethic and extensive planning to make sure our client’s events serve their desired purpose. From rewarding employees, establishing new relationships, impressing potential clients, appreciating vendors to enjoying your closest friends and family every event has purpose.

Awards & Recognition

Recent Community Services
  1. Children’s Miracle Network:

In the Spring of 2015, Tailgate Express partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings and the Pabst Brewing Company for a fundraiser benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network. We helped coordinate an awesome tailgate party that was free to the public, while offering a carwash in the parking lot of Buffalo Wild Wings where all proceeds went to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network. Tailgate Express provided all tailgate equipment from tents, tables, chairs, TV’s, and DJ. TGE also coordinated with a company providing armadillo races every 30 minutes throughout the day. It was quite the spectacle and a creative way to raise money and awareness for an amazing cause!

  1. Special Olympics Kentucky Derby Fundraiser:

In April of 2016, Tailgate Express partnered with Caprock Winery to provide a phenomenal fundraising event for the Special Olympics. Tailgate Express organized, provided food, as well as 6 different TV setups to view the Kentucky Derby at Caprock Winery. This event was brought to our attention by volunteers of the Special Olympics, and we were honored to assist the fundraising efforts for participants, sponsors, and volunteers of the Special Olympics.

  1. American Heart Association Tailgate:

In the Fall of 2016, Tailgate Express provided a full blown, all inclusive, complimentary tailgate for the American Heart Association. We wanted to choose a local non-profit organization and reward them with a tailgate during a Texas Tech home football game. Choosing the American Heart Association was easy for me, because my grandfather has been through quadruple bypass surgery, stints, and a pacemaker! I personally wanted to do something to thank them! The opportunity for Tailgate Express to help reward all the hard work and research provided by the American Heart Association was fantastic!



Customer Service
We are a customer service based company.

To exceed the recommended need of customer service within the scope of every event.

We embrace a leadership role within the community and among the companies we service.

We establish and collaborate with partners to find the most effective solutions.

We listen to our client’s needs and progressively move forward with new ideas most beneficial for our customers and our company as a whole.

We encourage an atmosphere centered around teamwork, mutual respect, flexibility, creativity, and professionalism between employees and clients.

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Tailgate Express strives to bring family and friends together to experience unforgettable events unique in design and festive in participation.